By means of our technical and commercial consulting services, you will have access to accurate data on products, suppliers and additional market information, which is vital for your making a sound and profitable decision.

Technical consulting services


· We answer all of the doubts you may have in case you

  are interested in buying in the American and

  Canadian markets.


· We directly contact the suppliers should additional

  information be required.


· We quote for the product in different destinations and

  with several suppliers so that you will count on a

  wide variety of alternatives from which to choose.


· We supply you with documents and with illustrative

  material as a relevant contribution for sound



· We elaborate several proposals according to your

  needs by suggesting alternative products.


· We actively participate in the main international

  (American and Canadian) trade fairs and we keep you

  informed on the latest news, most recent products

  and newest suppliers in the sector of your interest.

Commercial Consulting Services


· We provide information regarding prices in the

  American and Canadian markets in the sector

  of your interest.


· We provide information on which the most favorable

  general commercial conditions are for your operations.


· We keep you informed on the main legal aspects to be

  taken into account when conducting international

  operations in the United States and in Canada.


· We provide consulting services regarding which the

   most convenient payment conditions are based

   on the amount of your operations.


· We provide advice regarding discounts on regular

  purchases or additional discounts on high

  volume purchases.


· We keep you informed about the main trends in the

  American and Canadian markets in the sector

  of your interest.


· We provide consulting services on payments: Individual

   and joint letters of credit, bank transfers, bills of

   exchange, financing.

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